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The AI Days are currently in progress!

Thank you for your interest in the AI Lectures from Tokyo!

Please note that since this project lasted from April 2003 to June 2004, this website is now online only for documentation purposes, and all "live" functionalities (such as logging in, posting on the forum, etc.) are disabled.

You can, however, still watch and download the lectures and read the archived postings.

In case of questions, please contact

Claudia Wirth <>
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
University of Zurich
Andreasstrasse 15
8057 Zürich, Switzerland

A follow-up project is likely to take place sometime in 2005. If you are interested, please contact Nathan Labhart <>.

Lectures 9 and 10 available for download
[20 Mar 2004] The movies of the final two lectures are now available for download. We apologize for the delay.
Downloadable Videos Delayed
[27 Feb 2004] The downloadable versions of lectures 9 and 10 will most probably not be available before Mid-March. We apologize for the delay.
Lecture 10 online
[20 Feb 2004] The streaming video-on-demand version of Lecture 10 is now available, downloadable versions of Lecture 9 and 10 will follow soon.

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