AI is Supercharging the Benefits Experience

Find out exactly how with our 2024 Benefits Insights Report

We analyzed the behaviors and engagement of over 18 million members in our Benefitsolver® platform to reveal how artificial intelligence, personalization, and empathy are reshaping the employee benefits experience and formulating a new model for HR’s benefits strategy.

Our 2024 report will provide you with greater insight into benefits barriers, employee behaviors and trends, as well as the real value of AI in benefits administration to help you confidently deliver a more empathetic benefits experience for your employees while driving down costs and increasing efficiencies for your team.

Read on to download the full report and see how AI supercharges benefits engagement.

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67% of employees elected an HDHP + an HSA despite 84% of employees saying they’re confused about their benefits

When personalization and empathetic user design (UX) are embedded in benefits technology, employees can focus on maximizing their benefits and getting more out of their paychecks.

  • Decision support drives right-fit benefits elections, breaking through high benefits confusion: 3.5X increase in cost-effective health plan elections with decision support
  • Personalization helps employees get more from their benefits: Up to 2X increase in some voluntary benefits elections with decision support
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2X higher employee engagement with AI-powered search over 2022

The right technology fuels employee engagement and self-service resulting in efficient inquiry resolution, HR efficiencies, and higher employee satisfaction as proven by Businessolver’s “excellent” 72 net-promoter score (NPS) rating for the 2024 annual enrollment.

  • AI-powered searches and document summaries help members quickly and efficiently find relevant information while reducing call volume: 17% YOY reduction in call volume
  • Personalized reminders fuel year-round benefits engagement: 42% of employees log into the Benefitsolver platform 4+ times after enrollment
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80% of employees feel confident in their benefits elections despite high confusion

High premiums, lack of coverage, and plan choices are driving employee confusion and frustration. Yet despite overwhelming confusion, 80% of employees said they felt confident in their 2024 plan elections.

  • Decision support boosts confidence and helps employees make right-fit choices at a time when financial insecurity still runs high: 47% of employees would feel panicked about an unexpected medical expense
  • AI supercharges personalization, driving both efficiencies and employee satisfaction: 82% of all chats with Sofia, our AI benefits assistant, stay resolved after 7 days

See the Data for Yourself

Download the 2024 Benefits Insights report

Our sixth annual report shows that personalization, when powered by empathetic AI and backed by real people, unlocks incredible results in the employee benefits experience. Download our report to read more about how you can deliver an empathetic benefits experience for your employees while driving down costs and increasing efficiencies for your team.

2024 Businessolver benefits insights report