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Benefits are critical to the retention of your workforce, but they are also one of the most expensive line items in your overall budget. Don’t get stuck in the status quo. Change doesn’t mean it’s bad, it means you are looking to drive results.

Businessolver partners with our clients to do just that. We drive the right benefits decisions, creating value for some clients of upwards of $2 million per year.  Leveraging benefits technology and services can create dramatic impact on your bottom line and create more opportunity for strategic progress long-term.

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Leverage our expertise to optimize efficiency, manage costs, and ensure compliance

Employers make a significant investment when providing their employees with healthcare coverage, retirement funds and an ever-expanding assortment of voluntary benefits and point solutions. Your total benefits offering goes well beyond the benefits themselves with both the services provided and the efforts that exist to ensure an ID card hits mailboxes and regulations continue to be met.

There’s a better way.

Businessolver delivers unique employee engagement tools, driving better plan steerage to ensure your employees are on the right plans. As an example, many clients have seen shift in plan migration to increase the HDHP adoption. From 29% HDHP adoption with their prior provider to 60% adoption after their first annual enrollment. Ultimately, providing our clients with $2.2M annually back to their benefits bottom line.

Benefits administration and engagement technology not only helps you maximize the investment in your benefits but also reduces the workload that keeps your team up at night.

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See how PacSun saved over $300,000 in their first year with us by moving to one platform to streamline their benefits strategy.

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End-to-end administrative support

From day one, our client service teams support your benefits team in all aspects of benefits administration – hire to retire; COBRA to ACA. As an extension of your team, we leverage our single-source, configurable technology and deep benefits expertise to serve you.

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Embedded tools for automation

We use innovation to automate processes like Dependent Verification or trigger year-round communications to ensure the right individuals have access to your benefits and use them effectively throughout the year.

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Integrated decision support

It starts with making sure your workforce enrolls in the right plan, and our integrated decision support ensures your employees understand the full picture of how your benefits can support their total well-being.

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Elevated guidance and transparency

Our technology includes tools that help your employees find in-network care and understand the cost of procedures and services while providing full transparency into all participation changes and engagement trends.

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Benefits Optimization Calculator

We leverage technology to empower employees in selecting and activating on available plans and programs and provide employers real-time data and insights to optimize efficiency, manage costs and ensure compliance within their HR and benefits programs.

To help you better understand how investing in benefits technology can impact your spend, we leveraged data from our own system, as well as industry studies, to develop a Benefits Optimization Calculator.

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There’s a better way – and we’d like to show that to you. We will help you maximize the investment in your benefit programs while reducing your workload.

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