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Transitioning to a trusted benefits technology provider is fundamental to saving time and money. However, imagine the transformation that comes when along with that technology, is a team that supports you every step of the way, helping you drive your benefits and HR programs to the next level.

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Our solutions and services help alleviate time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks that often saturate benefit teams while providing employees a data-driven, empathetic enrollment process. With our unique menu of benefits administration and management services, we create a single-source technology solution that simplifies and ultimately accelerates your full benefit program. 

You deserve a technology and team that reduce manual effort and tedious tasks, freeing you up for the work you want to do most, taking care of your people.

Waste Pro case study
Waste Pro transformed their employee benefits experience with Benefitsolver, increasing their enrollment accuracy, year-round employee participation, and more HR efficiencies. 
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Full suite–benefits technology

Our benefits technology manages your entire suite of services to include ACA, COBRA, Retiree Services, Consumer Accounts and more within a single-source platform, all while ensuring your employees’ benefits are available when they need them.

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Easy-to-access reporting

Our reporting and analytics tools are integrated within the technology and feature on-demand, standard and custom reports to give you full visibility into your data, when and where you need it most.

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Automated communications

Our technology becomes your core tool for communicating benefits, wellness, and health information to your employees through our embedded communication framework that not only automates important reminders throughout the year, but allows you to send personalized communications to drive benefits engagement.

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Streamlined billing

Our billing and financial reporting tools deliver accurate, consolidated carrier billing to support self and list-bills, solving your billing challenges and saving you time and money.

Billing done right

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RFP Resources

You deserve a partner that works alongside you to streamline your HR processes while helping to deliver your ultimate benefits vision. If you are considering a change, these resources can help you get started.

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