Creating a Holistic Benefits Experience

A personalized benefits journey, all in one place

Your benefits program is more than a simple medical, dental, and vision enrollment once a year. It is a strategic collection of benefits and programs that, when brought together, create an opportunity to serve your employees in a new and profound way. A holistic benefits experience helps your people find and access quality care year-round.

Deliver a holistic experience
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Connecting the dots to a better benefits experience

Each year you strategically compile your benefits, vendors, carriers, and programs to best support your diverse workforce. Each benefit and program on its own is helpful, but imagine the possibilities when they work together seamlessly.

Our benefits technology and service model connect the dots for members by creating an individualized journey. Curate a better benefits experience through an ecosystem built specifically for you and your employees.

With Businessolver as your partner, you can expect your employees to engage on their own, in fact we find that over 89% of employees enroll through self-service.  While being supported regarding their decisions and plan options with a virtual assistant, resolving over 91% of chat interactions.

Drive selection to activation
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Configurable enrollment and eligibility

Our SaaS-based benefits administration solution empowers employees to effortlessly enroll based on eligibility—all determined on the same platform within the same technology. It’s a top-to-bottom benefits enrollment system that works for HR teams and the people they support.

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Intelligent service and support

Created in-house by benefits experts, our industry-first personal benefits assistant, Sofia(SM), uses artificial intelligence to transform the benefits experience in a new, personalized way. She’s available 24/7 to answer their questions when they need it most.

Maximize self-service through intelligence

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Omni-channel engagement

Personalized messaging is essential. We provide multiple communication options, including text, email, and other mobile experiences to deliver the personalized benefits messages your employees need and expect.

Deliver year-round engagement

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Target benefits activation and navigation

Our benefits technology provides multiple touch points, making it easy for your employees to find and take advantage of your benefits programs. These various tools increase the value of your benefits spend by improving health choices across your population.

Amplify your total benefits program

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Have a Global Population?

While our deep-rooted commitment to North American benefits remains steadfast, we have built out an integrated partnership with Benefex to deliver on your benefits needs world-wide. Thanks to this partnership, multinational companies looking for a complete benefits solution will be able to go to one place for benefits expertise across every global market, without having to trade off depth of local experience with a need to scale.

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