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Our proprietary machine-learning AI services are designed to position you as a strong and efficient organizational strategist by putting insights and data right at your fingertips. As AI continues to establish itself as a critical tool for HR, Businessolver is at the forefront of innovation, solving HR’s most complex challenges today and looking ahead at tomorrow. Our AI solutions play an integral role in everything we do for our clients, delivering real results and drive greater organizational effectiveness. Keep scrolling to see how our 25+ years of data and insights fuel our commitment to our clients and bring incredible efficiencies to life for HR.

Recently earned AI and Innovation Awards
Delighted HR Professional
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99.5% uptime

Our AI is working 24/7 so you don’t have to be.

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19% more activation

Our personalized nudges increase benefits engagement year-round.

25+ years of data

Our AI is built on 25+ years of insights for better decision-making.

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Save up to $3M+ annually

Our AI self-service and automation tools help you save time and money.

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95% retention rate

We use intelligent listening to drive better service and efficiency to you.

HiTRUST certified

We have stringent security standards in place to keep your data secure.

Premier service, higher satisfaction

You deserve the best when it comes to service, which is why we’ve infused AI into our total service delivery model to help you achieve results, drive an exceptional employee experience, and give you more time back in your day.

  • 99.5% system uptime—our AI is always on and working so you don’t have to be.
  • Auto-generated case notes to streamline our call-center operations and member service.
  • Intelligent listening to help us stay connected with you and ensure consistent delivery.
  • Monitoring for sentiment across all calls to ensure we’re staying true to our mission to deliver delight.
Bringing your data to your fingertips

Analyzing huge amounts of data is not only inefficient, it’s often impossible for a human to do efficiently and effectively alongside other priorities. With AI as part of your benefits strategy, analyzing data becomes a standard reality for your team, serving up rich program insights, supporting smarter engagement strategies, and helping you improve your benefits program effectiveness.

  • Our AI models and machine-learning is backed by 25+ years of data, call transcripts, and industry expertise to help connect you with premium and actionable insights.
  • Sofia, our virtual benefits assistant, helps you identify trending topics and issues among your employees so you can adjust course with your benefits strategy in real time.
  • Our dedicated team of computational linguists and engineers are constantly identifying learning opportunities and training our AI models to be as informative and helpful as possible.
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Increase your efficiency through automation and machine learning

Hear Rae Shanahan, Businessolver’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Sony Sung-Chu, Businessolver’s Head of Science and Innovation, discuss what empathetic AI means at Businessolver

Sofia, our secure, proprietary benefits assistant

Sofia, our proprietary machine-learning benefits assistant supports you and your members 24/7 by driving empathetic support, benefits reminders, and employee self-service across our entire platform.

While Sofia handles the frontlines, you can invest your time back where it matters most.

Here’s a look at how Sofia’s AI supports our clients and their members:

  • 32% of Sofia’s chats are taken after hours and on weekends
  • 84% of member chats are resolved same day; 76% don’t need to chat or call again about the same issue within seven days.
  • 48% of Sofia’s total chat volume occurs during annual enrollment with a 91% same-day resolution—this equates to 4,800,000 minutes of HR and employees’ time saved during one of the most hectic times of year.
  • 19% of employees click or call when Sofia shows a personalized benefits reminder in the moment.
See how AI-powered personalization drives 2X increase in employee engagement
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Trust but verify: keeping your data secure

Businessolver is deeply committed to the responsible use of artificial intelligence in our systems and operations. Our guiding AI principles are designed to uphold our commitment to value creation, fairness, safety, accountability, privacy, excellence, and controlled content access. This includes:

  • Employing bias mitigation techniques to ensure that our AI system operates in a fair and unbiased manner.
  • Ensuring compliance with stringent security measures and meeting our high standards (including HIPAA) for the protection of protected health and personal information.
  • Prioritizing user privacy and data protection; we store only necessary user information and limit data storage.
  • Adhering to the highest standards of scientific and industry excellence by ensuring that Sofia delivers high-quality natural language understanding and accurate responses to user interactions.


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