Benefits Optimization Calculator

Businessolver can help you unlock the full ROI potential of your organization’s HR and benefits

We’re helping you reshape the benefits landscape and your HR strategy with technology designed to drive more efficiency, personalize the employee experience, and streamline decision-making with data. 

Want to see how this technology can help you drive meaningful results and business outcomes? Our Benefits Optimization Calculator can help you maximize your top ROI opportunities across three key areas:

  • HR efficiency: We help you streamline your HR operations with tools designed to automate manual, time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your strategic initiatives instead of paperwork.
  • Employee engagement: Employees want to engage with their benefits, they just need personalized experiences and human-focused tools designed to help them navigate their options and connect with resources year-round.
  • Healthcare costs: Take control of your healthcare expenditures. Our calculator provides insights into cost-effective benefits options and helps in managing and mitigating healthcare expenses.
Find out your ROI potential